the manifesto of the moving script


Letters begin to twist and turn, to stop and go.

They execute acrobatic tricks, leaving even their designated homegrounds;

their pirouettes may be indicative of a century of the virtual world,

which is why I ask

"What has happened to the real movement ?"

Kugel. 6k

Riding towards boredom on the Intercity express,

if one can believe the experts,

typography is trailing behind

at half the speed.

I tell you: Script is a loose floozie,

who shall carry her in a sedan chair

into the next century ?


Giant; manylayerd

onehundredandfifty foot high

lower case letters creeping

over the roofs - of the world capitols.


Great visions forms,

the coursing planets- large and monumental -

will become the Alpha and the Omega.

The dynamisation of art in the 20th century and its impact on typographie

translated by Richard Spain/BERLIN 1992/ Hdk Fb4